Preparing graduate (agricultural engineer - a nutritionist and food processing specialist) who has sufficient capacity and skills in nutrition science and food industry, which qualify him to provide unique technical services that serve the local community. Training staff in nutrition and food industries to increase awareness of the importance of food and to encourage food industry and community development.


Improving the nutritional status of the community members, increasing the awareness of food and the citizens' rationalization to choose the best health food and providing nutritional advice for both healthy individuals and those with chronic diseases from different age groups.


1- To prepare a graduate qualified scientifically and practically in nutrition and food industries for working in different areas in the nutritional and health institutions and in the food industry sector.


2- To serve community by conducting training courses and providing technical consultancy in the areas of nutrition, food and food industries.
3- To conduct scientific research and technical studies in the areas of food, nutrition and food industry in corporation with local and international agencies.​