Dear our visitors,
 It our pleasure to welcome you at the College of Agriculture, Mutah University. It is highly appreciated your continuous contact and we are so happy to present herein the basic information about the different college's departments, research centers, academic services, activities and news. Kindly, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1994 in the town of Rabba, which lies 25 km from the main campus at Mutah. The Faculty aims at graduation of qualified personnel able to develop agriculture in Jordan, and management associated with agriculture in South Jordan area. Moreover, it provides local communities with services through education, training and productivity related projects.
The college began with Plant Production Department, and then the following departments were established: Animal Production Department in 1996, and the Department of Nutrition and Food Processing in 2002, and the Department of Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management in 2009. Currently, the Faculty offers Bachelor's Degree in Plant Production, Animal Production, Nutrition and Food Processing, and Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management, and a master's degree in plant production.
 The number of faculty members is 28 in addition to the technical and teaching assistants (Agricultural engineers) who help students in practical applications and assist in lab work. The number of students enrolled in college is 652 in the academic year 2014/2015.
Faculty of Agriculture located on an area of ​​65 hectare with buildings occupying 11794 square meters. The faculty has a total multiple installations campus, such as halls and classrooms, agricultural fields, laboratories for training and research, agricultural library, restaurant and cafeteria, a computer lab, a center for maintenance, and agricultural research station. The faculty hosts meteorological station belongs to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
 Faculty of Agriculture includes crop plants and livestock fields and mini-dairy factory.   A protected area of 370 ha is also belonged to the faculty at Al-Lajjun/Muhaisin area. This protected area concerned with the rehabilitation of marginal areas and combat desertification.
 The Faculty established the center for Research, Training and Agricultural Extension in the southern Jordan Valley, Gore Al-Mazra with an area of ​​27 ha for students training on the plantations of modern agricultural systems, and the training and extension of local farmers.  In addition, an area of ​​30 ha was allocated in Ghor Safi, Jordan valley to implement scientific research ideas in collaboration with other research institutions.
Departments and degrees awarded:

Department of Plant Production:

- Bachelor's degree in plant production.

- Master's degree in plant production.

Department of Animal Production:

- Bachelor's degree in animal production.

Department of Nutrition and Food Processing:

 -Bachelor's degree in nutrition and food industrie

Department of Protection and Integrated Pest Management:

- Bachelor's degree in integrated prevention and control.