The College of Agriculture aims at developing a scientific character that is distinguished academically, scientifically and socially and establishing an excellent academic and scientific base for basic and applied agricultural sciences.



     The College of Agriculture is committed to provide the community with a graduate (an agricultural engineer) who is able to provide distinct agricultural services to increase local agricultural production , preserve the environment and to increase food safety. The Faculty is also committed to provide the world with a recognizable scientific research that coincides with the values of the local society.



1- To develop study plans and programs for undergraduate and graduate studies in various agricultural sciences in respect to the local and international standards, appropriate, feasible and compatible with the mission of the college and the University.

2 - To obtain a high level of confidence with the college's graduate through the spread of innovation culture and approach of advanced educational methods.

3 – To provide the community with a graduate who is able to deal with the requirements of scientific research and to establish the rules of advanced research to pursue the rapid and stunning development of various agricultural sciences.

4 - To identify the real needs of the community accurately and to make it a point to launch a successful and distinguishable community service at the local and international levels.

 5 - To build bridges of research collaboration with local and international well-known outstanding scientific and research institutions in order to prepare professional graduates capable of raising production, and application and contribution in modern technology.

 6 - To follow up a continuous improvement approach of the study plans and programs for improving the graduate's skills and making him capable to compete with other graduates in the job market.

 7 - To achieve the objectives and learning outcomes to meet the excellent academic standards.​